Mylne Fleet

EmilyHarrisMylne5Year of Design 1934
Design No 370
Length Over All 24.8ft
Length Over Deck 24.8ft
Length WaterLine 18.0ft
Beam 7.0ft
Draft 3.2ft


In 1934 a committee was formed at the Royal Mersey Yacht Club to look into a new class of yacht to sail and race on the River Mersey. One of the members, a Mr. S. McLauchlan, had been on holiday in Scotland and had seen a yacht built by D. Munro & Son, a small boatyard on the Clyde. This yacht was to be shipped to Egypt for her owner. Mr. McLauchlan brought a half model of the yacht to show the members, who were impressed. Alfred Mylne, the yacht designer, was asked to approve and modify the design and an order for five boats was placed with Munro’s. The cost of the first boats was £185 ex quay Glasgow, and they were shipped down to Liverpool and had their first race on the Mersey on 11th July 1935. The names of the boats all began with MER, and of the original five, four are still racing today – Meryl, number 2, having been lost.

EmilyHarrisMylne4In 1937, Trearddur Bay Sailing Club in Anglesey adopted the boat and had some built by Dickies at Bangor. All these boats had their names beginning with TR. After the war, the popularity of the Mylne Class at Trearddur Bay declined, and the yachts gradually came to the Mersey and most had their names altered from the TR prefix to MER.

EmilyHarrisMylne1The original wooden Mylnes had oak frames and mahogany planking, and in the years after the war construction and repair costs escalated. In 1980 a mould was made and, in addition to the wooden boats, there are now four G.R.P. Mylnes racing, making a total fleet of fourteen boats. As the Mylne class approaches its 80th year, racing on the Mersey and at the Menai Strait Regattas is as keen and enthusiastic as ever. The boats have stood the test of time as a classic yacht and are a joy to sail.

If you would like to join the RMYC Mylne fleet or find more information, please contact the Fleet Captain Max Cooke.

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