RYA Push The Boat Out 2017

To register please fill in the registration form and return it to vicecommodore@royalmersey.co.uk

  1. I attended your free taster event today and had a wonderful time, (we spoke after the event – I was wearing the white t-shirt and shorts).

    I am very keen to progress this experience and envisage myself becoming a member in the very near future.

    I would like to come along again and experience some more time on the water – ideallybin done slightly bigger boats.

    Please comeback to me to tell me how best to progress this.

    My number is 07568 431 983 and my email address is above.

    Thanks again

    • Thanks John, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve passed your message on to the Commodore, who will be in touch soon. Andrew (Webmaster)

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