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Our Squib fleet Captain, Ted Garner, has recently penned an article on Squib racing on the Mersey. Take a look at

Push the Boat Out 2018

The Royal Mersey Yacht Club invites you to a sailing taster session on Sunday 20 May 2018 from 12:00 noon. Ideal both for those with some experience in dinghies who would like to try bigger boats, and for the keen beginner; sailing taster sessions on the Mersey will be available on the club’s three fleets of keelboat: RMYC Mylne, International Etchells and National Squib.


To register please contact

Push the Boat Out flyer

Cruising Section

There are now quite a few members cruising in various places, and there some surely some good salty tales to be told! And don’t forget there are two prizes available for members’ logs. Andrew W-J has two interesting, old, commercial films which members would enjoy; perhaps followed by a forum suggesting ideas for future events. Supper will be served, more details about that nearer the time. Plans are dependent on expressions of interest in the evening; please let the Rear Commodore know if you are interested.

Marine Rescue visit

Marine Rescue

Graham Knights arranged a visit to the Marine Rescue unit, based at the Pier Head in Liverpool. Far better, he reasoned, that we go and see them in an organised fashion, than they visit us at the behest of an urgent call. Eleven members had a very interesting, enjoyable and informative day out, which included a tour of their control room and a chance to see some of their rescue equipment and even to have a go with their infra-red night vision camera.
The key message though is that they are our nearest source of help in an emergency and would expect to be on the scene within three minutes. The way to contact them in an emergency is to call the coastguard on Channel 16 or by dialling 999. Calling their landline number is not reliable as it may not be answered quickly. Their “unofficial” advice was in addition to request assistance from “Mersey Fire One”, which is their call sign.

Gareloch Gallivant

Gareloch Gallivant – 22/23 September
Our friends at Royal Northern & Clyde YC have invited us for a weekend of fine racing and fine dining. Those dozen or so members that went North a few years ago will recall the warm hospitality received and what a wonderful venue they have for sailing. And, sadly, our own boats will already be out of the water.
Numbers are not specifically limited, but we can’t all descend upon RN&C, so contact John Piggott as soon as possible with your booking, your expressions of interest or your queries about transport, accommodation or whatever.

Situations Vacant

Your Club Needs You

Club Laws have been carefully designed to ensure that the Club is always run by its members. The General Committee is in overall charge of the club management and there are several other committees in place to run the key functions of the Club. The “House and Pier” has two sections looking after the social occasions and the building respectively, with Sailing and Race Management committees hopefully being self-explanatory. All of these groups are interested in new ideas and enthusiastic new members. In particular, to keep the officers under control, the Laws stipulate that there should be nine ‘ordinary’ members on the General Committee. Owing to past unexpected losses more than the usual three new members will need to be elected at the March AGM. Have you ever thought: Why don’t “They” do something? Please do consider joining one of these committees to play your full part in the running of the club.

Members are invited to contact the Commodore, John Collingwood, or Hon. Sec. Allan Dinwoodie, for more information.

Marine Rescue Unit Visit

The Rear Commodore has booked a visit to the Marine Rescue Unit at the Pier Head Liverpool, for 11AM on Saturday 24th February.
Numbers are restricted to 12, so first come, first served. Please book in the usual way through

Keelboat Crew Course

By popular demand, we will be running for the first time this year an RMYC Keelboat Crew course. Aimed in particular at the newer members of the club, the course will be a short series of evening classes followed by practical training through the season in all three classes of our boats. It will cover the parts of the boat, basic knots, preparation for racing and the typical crew duties in trimming the sails, tacking, gybing, operating the spinnaker, picking up a mooring and packing up the boat. Evening Classes will begin on Wednesday 30 May and continue on the following two Wednesdays. The course will be available at £30 to members with a special offer for those signing up at the PTBO. Contact John Collingwood, 0151 327 8512 for more info.

Club cufflinks now available

As promised, RMYC cuff-links are now available. With the outline picked out in raised gold plate and four colours of enamel in the pattern they are a suitable adornment for any member’s sleeve. The perfect gift, unless you were going to buy a boat. Complete with a smart, solid, presentation box at £22 per pair. Contact John Collingwood, 0151 327 8512

BEHIND THE BAR — Club ties are always available (well, almost always) behind the bar …. as are membership nomination forms (please use the new ones with the data protection statement) …. and of course 59 Club applications

Commodore’s New Season’s Message

As we look back on our fond memories of the club’s Christmas events and I hope some equally good times at home over the festive season it’s time now to look ahead to the coming sailing season. The sailing programme for 2018 is now almost complete, there are boats to mend and there are moorings to prepare. You may remember that I told you in October of our aspiration to replace Moonraker with a lighter and more manageable committee boat. To that end, it is our intention not to launch Moonraker this year but to put her on the market very soon. Instead, and as we look for a suitable long-term replacement, Huw has drawn up plans for modifications to Gwylan.
This arrangement should provide at least a satisfactory temporary committee boat and indeed will have a number of advantages, being much more manoeuvrable and more suitable for towing, setting race finishes and acting as a ferry or safety boat if required. Huw has already begun work and we look forward to seeing the fruits of his labours as well as to a fine season of sailing. I wish you all a very happy and successful sailing year.